Appraisals for Individuals

A.L. Wagner Appraisal Group is pleased to accept appraisal requests from individuals – we call these “Private Appraisals.” Appraisals from our established lending and relocation clients who send us repeat business, we call “Corporate Appraisals.”

There can be many reasons for a "private" real estate appraisal. A few might include:

• Establishing market value for Cash Buyers
• Establishing market value for Bankruptcy
• Establishing fair market value for Property Tax Appeal
• Establishing market value for PMI removal
• Advice for buying, selling or investment property
• Establishing market value for Marital/Partner Dissolution
• Establishing market value for Litigation
• Establishing fair market value for IRS Estates
• Establishing market value for Trusts
• Establishing market value for Financial planning
• Establishing fair market value for IRS Gift Tax Donations

We also have experience and specialize in unique, large and complex residential properties


We have experience in all of these types of appraisals. Please click on any of the above for more information.

The most common “house appraisal” is for mortgage lending - either purchases, refinances or homequity loans. Federal regulations require that the lending institution place the order with the appraisal firm. Even though a consumer may write a check at the door for the appraisal service, the intended use is for lending purposes and the intended user is the financial institution who will make the loan. Our firm has conducted appraisals for many of the major banks and lending institutions in our area through the years, but we may not be on everybody’s current list as clients maintain lists of preferred appraisers. Sometimes their preferred appraiser is picked based on the fastest and cheapest, which would often be less credentialed and less experienced appraisers. Therefore, the consumer does not typically have a choice as to what appraisal company will complete the lending appraisal. Please ask your lender if A.L. Wagner Appraisal Group is on their approval list.

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Please e-mail us and we will usually respond within 24 hours.